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Ten (out of 10,000,000) reasons why we love The Simpsons

After a well-meaning Lisa frees Snorky — star dolphin performer at a Sea World–esque marine park — Springfield soon learns he's King Snorky, finally able to lead his subjects from their forced habitation of the sea. Though Homer's instinct to take a stand ("I'm not going to let a bunch of hoop-jumping tuna munchers push me around!") is classic, the most priceless moment is an aside between two supporting characters. Moe: "What did he say?" Carl: "He said years ago dolphins lived on the land." Moe: "Whaaaaaaa?" (Eddy)

7. Anthropomorphic slapstick See Snorky, above. I also give you rampaging rhinos, the sideways glances of annoyed-looking amphibians, the many worries of Mr. Teeny, and of course, Itchy and Scratchy, gleefully upping the ante of every cruel Warner Bros. cartoon ever made. (Huston)

8. All singing, all dancing Yes, Danny Elfman wrote the famous Simpsons theme, but the series' real audio hero is composer-arranger Alf Clausen, who over 18 years has had occasion to brilliantly spoof just about every musical genre. Among serious songfests, it doesn't get any better than Marge's community theater turn as Blanche DuBois ("A Streetcar Named Marge") or Troy McClure's big comeback as Charlton Heston in the Broadway-bound Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off ("A Fish Called Selma"). Then there was The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour, a 1997 tribute to horrendous '70s variety shows that featured Smithers in chaps, singing Devo's "Whip It." (Harvey)

9. Lenny Leonard What is it about Lenny Leonard (voiced by Harry Shearer)? Maybe it's the sideburns, maybe the nonchalance — or the complete obliviousness — with which he floats through life. I don't know, but I would do him. Carl is clearly the more functional half of their conjoined yet asexual partnership. But Lenny — he's like Steve Buscemi with more sex appeal! (Harvey)

10. Yvan eht nioj 'Nuff said. (Huston)


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