Class of 2007

Warbling the praises of our favorite local music up-and-comers
Jimmy Roses

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2007: Wear sunscreen. Whoops, wrong speech (though that's sound beauty advice, whether it's coming from Kurt Vonnegut or Mary Schmich). Better to mouse down to the not-so-worn piece of advice: sing. Because that's where we are, on the eve of the new school year — warbling the praises of our favorite, once-unsung local music up-and-comers, the most talented unusual suspects we suspect will bust out with great things this year and next. We got them in our yearbook, facebook, and look 'n' listen book, so go get 'em. (Kimberly Chun)

Meet the Class of 2007

The White Barons

The Dry Spells

King City


The Passionistas

Carletta Sue Kay

Jimmy Roses

Kira Lynn Cain


Guardian photos of Kira Lynn Cain, The Passionistas, and The White Barons by Jeffery Cross