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If you're into it at the beginning, and then it tapers off, you may just be kind of a novelty freak (I'm guessing this isn't it but you never know), or you might be — brace yourself for this one — having kind of blah sex, or sex with kind of blah people. If, for instance, you don't have a lot orgasms because you're not that turned on, and you're not that turned on because you don't have a lot of orgasms (so why bother wasting all that good pelvic engorgement?), you've got yourself a nasty little cycle there. Arousal disorders may not be as common as desire disorders, but they can create desire disorders. You know why some diets work, at least at first? It's because the food isn't appealing enough to crave or to stuff yourself with when it gets there. A few bites will suffice.

I'm wondering if perhaps the sex you are having (and have had) is of the cottage-cheese-and-tuna plate variety, and you need to work on finding your French triple-cream cheese on a fresh baguette and a pain au chocolate equivalent. Or if that doesn't sound that appetizing either, what does, and how can you get some of that instead?



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