Green City: Burning contradictions - Page 2

Burning Man's green theme flopped -- but not for lack of good intentions. Plus: Reactions to the Gonzo burner's premature inflammation

"No matter how misguided he was, his intention was to facilitate art."

Indeed, it was a piece of performance art that has overshadowed the Green Man theme, with all of its earnest good intentions, returning Burning Man to its anarchic roots and injecting chaos back into a routine that had become well established and, to some, a bit tired.

Because at the end of the day, Burning Man isn't green. It's a city that runs mostly on fossil fuel–powered generators and lights flammable fuels and gases just to see them burn.

The Burning Man experiment is one that many of us want to influence the world. But to expect it to play a leadership role in the environmental movement was probably too much. We can do many things, but we can't simultaneously commit ourselves to fire and to global cooling, at least without wrestling constantly with Burning Man's many contradictions.<\!s>*

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