Project Censored: The Byrne ultimatum - Page 3

The story behind a censored story that was killed by The Nation

It's a better subcommittee for California." Her office also attempts to blow holes in Byrne's story with a detailed rebuttal similar to Allison's - not issued as a press release but provided upon request (and available " target="blank_">here in pdf form.)

Despite the rebuttals, which contend that facts have been distorted, Byrne says no evidence exists that merit any retractions.

"Stories get killed all the time for various reasons but what I found interesting is that they paid me almost $5,000," said Byrne, who expressed admiration for both the Nation and Salon. "The editor worked really hard with me but it was leading up to the elections. I'm not actually accusing them of anything nefarious. They basically told me they weren't going to print it for political reasons."

Peter Phillips, director of Project Censored, which rated the Byrne story as #23 out of the top 25 stories the mainstream media missed last year, said it played a part in prompting him to conduct a survey of 10 popular "left"-leaning publications. The survey looked at whether or not liberal news outlets touched stories that weren't reported by the mainstream media and the results were included as a chapter in Project Censored 2008.

EDITORS NOTE: The above story reports that the piece on Dianne Feinstein's conflicts of interest was slated to
run on the cover of The Nation. Ben Wyskida of the Nation contacted us after publication say that "we just don't make promises like that; our covers never get decided until all the edits are in."