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John Barleycorn
Photo by Rory McNamara

Which seems to be fine with the down-to-earth drinkers who perch on leather couches around the neon-lit fireplace that anchors the room's otherwise understated decor.

603 Irving, SF. (415) 731-6433


A favorite of lesbians citywide and heteros in the know, this Bernal Heights beauty is most famous for its gorgeous garden patio. But a woodstove, a great jukebox, and strong, well-made drinks also make it perfect for those cold, foggy nights when all you want is a soft scarf, a smooth Scotch, and someone — boy, boi, or girl — to spoon with.

424 Cortland, SF. (415) 647-3099


OK. Including Hidden Vine may be cheating, as this secret hideaway doesn't have a fireplace per se. But it's sure got the atmosphere. Though this is a high-end drinkery, featuring a different wine region every month and offering an impressive selection of artisanal cheeses, the Vine is more comfy than chichi. And a display of white votive candles gives the impression — if not the heat — of a fireplace's warmth.

620 Post, SF. (415) 674-3567, www.thehiddenvine.com*

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