Feast: 7 slop shops for functioning alcoholics - Page 2

El Farolito
Photo by Justin Juul

(415) 346-1443


When you've been knocking back pints of Guinness at Shannon Arms (or at any Irish pub in the Sunset) since noon, and it's now 2:30 a.m., you've got a slim chance of avoiding a hellish hangover. Some people call their dealers, some give up and sacrifice a sick day, but the truly dedicated head over to Island Café, the city's only 24-hour Hawaiian joint. Spam burgers, Polynesian nachos, pineapple milk shakes, and off-the-wall pork dishes will have your stomach pumping double time to rid itself of toxins.

901 Taraval, SF. (415) 661-3303


Don't freak out if you've missed the Tamale Lady or forgot to tell your cabby to stop at one of the other spots on this list. Just stumble to your room, log onto Mr. Pizza Man's Web site, and chillax with a snifter of Fernet as San Francisco's patron saint of late-night delivery makes you a pie to order. Mr. Pizza Man's got all the fixin's — pineapple, jalapeño, and cheese make a tried-and-true hangover preventative — as well as locations within five minutes of almost every address in the city.

Locations across the Bay Area. 1-800-570-5111, www.mrpizzaman.com

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