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It does give my thighs a workout, but despite my weight it's comfortable for him and much, much more comfortable for me than kneeling on a bed — my weight is either sitting down on him or on my feet. He has a fantastic view and it's perfect for kissing. Only drawback for me is that I can't really get to my clit.

"Three or four bed pillows also help for doggy-style, so I don't have to rest my entire weight on my arms. The sofa and ottoman are also handy for this position; I put one knee on the sofa, one on the ottoman, and he stands behind me while I rest against the sofa arm, piled with cushions.

"Positions that don't work so well: reverse cowgirl (who cares anyway?) and classic missionary. We can do the latter, but it's not very comfortable, and I don't recommend it for the big-bellied."

If more people wrote me letters like that, I wouldn't have to get child care on writing days. I could just cut and paste and go play patty-cake. So get on that, readers, won't you?



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