The Guardian 2007 Endorsements

The case against Gavin Newsom, yes on Prop. A, no on Prop. H ... Our complete endorsements for San Francisco's Nov. 6 election
Quintin Mecke, Ahimsa
Sumchai, and Chicken John
Photo by Charles Russo

There's nothing on the state or national ballot, and there's not much of a contest in any of the three races in San Francisco. That might spell a low-turnout election. But don't toss your absentee ballot yet or make plans to be out of town Nov. 6: the mayor's race has some interesting challengers, and there are a number of important ballot initiatives that could change the direction of the city, particularly on transportation, for years to come.

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>> Local offices
Mecke, Sumchai, and Chicken John for mayor

>> Local ballot measures
YES on Prop. A, NO on Prop. H, more .....

>> Our unedited interview with Gavin Newsom

>> The Guardian 2007 Election Center
Interviews with and information about the candidates, including Quintin Mecke, Ahimsa Sumchai, Harold Hoogasian, and more. PLUS: Interviews with Chris Daly, Aaron Peskin, Jake McGoldrick and others about the issues at stake in the November 6, 2007, election.

>> Who's endorsing whom?
Endorsements by other local political bodies