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So mostly a "no."

If I didn't believe so strongly that a decent sex life really is key to a decent home life, and that happy people make better parents, and that better parents make healthier babies, I'd be tempted to say, "Aw, screw it, just give up and hope you'll get your mutual mojo back in a few years when the kid's over needing Mommy and Daddy all night." I do, though, so I'm going to suggest sneaking him back into his own bed in the sleep-like-the-dead early dawn instead. And getting a relative (or hiring a teenager) to take the kids out on a weekend morning twice a month. And getting TiVo to record The Daily Show instead of wasting precious baby sleep time staring at the tube.

Again, more later. In the meantime, my bedside table may have held more exotic objects in its time, but it currently boasts a copy of And Baby Makes Three, by John M. Gottman and Julie Schwarz Gottman. I don't ordinarily waste my time on self-help lit, but Gottman is the man who made a science of saving marriages, or at least accurately predicting which ones are capable of saving themselves. He's the one who determined that rolling your eyes with contempt when your partner speaks means you might as well start dividing up the CDs. So don't do that, people, and I'll be back with a book report.



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