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Well, now I can tell the truth.' But in fact, of those 363 men, we estimate that up to a quarter of them probably weren't having only oral sex, and so I think that we have huge problems in terms of self-reported risk behavior."

That was from a very informative experts' roundtable discussion I found on HIV Insite (, a UC San Francisco site I have just declared required reading for the interested. The good news is that the best work currently being done is readily available to us for free. The bad news is that, due not to bad science or lack of science but to the vagaries of human memory and human motivation, they still can't really answer your question. How many new HIV infections are caused by fellatio to ejaculation? I'll let the above experts answer that. It's funny but not, you know?

JK I think we agree it's less than 5 percent, don't we?

SB Uh, ... yes, I'd probably say it's — it may be less than 5 percent. I'd say 5 percent or less. But I wouldn't say 1 percent either.

JK Well, 1 percent is less than 5 percent ... [Laughter]

KS Well, I wouldn't say "5 percent or less."

SB So I don't know that we're going to come to consensus on that.

And what's the best way to reduce whatever risk there is? Not going down on HIV-positive men. Easy for me to say, sure, and awfully glib, but you can't say it ain't so.



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