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Quintin Mecke emerges as the strongest mayoral candidate in a weak field

"That means that the oft-touted and talked about idea of community policing doesn't really exist."

Newsom campaign manager Eric Jaye claims the only thing he knows about Mecke is that "he opposed Care Not Cash and he is supported by Sup. Chris Daly.

"But his own record? That's a little bit harder," Jaye continued. "Mecke works for a city-funded nonprofit, but ironically, he's unhappy with the violence prevention work the city is doing. Presumably he's running because he thinks he can do a better job, but we're proud of our progress on universal health care, our work on climate protection, our civic efforts, the fact that the eviction rate has plummeted, and that there's more housing and affordable housing in the pipeline than [under] any other mayor in recent history."

But Mecke points out that the city's health care initiative was Ammiano's brainchild and that Newsom failed to deliver on his "wi-fi for all" promise by stubbornly pushing a flawed proposal and refusing to engage with its critics.

"Newsom's only successes are initiatives proposed and led by members of the Board of Supervisors," said Mecke, who accuses Newsom of "making every decision within the framework of a national model while promoting some future candidacy."

He faults Newsom for asking for mass resignations this fall and sees the fact that Newsom is raising piles of cash to defeat Proposition E, which would require the mayor to make monthly appearances before the Board of Supervisors, as further evidence of his cowardice.

"San Francisco need to demand of this race that there's public accountability," Mecke said. "Newsom seems to fear any form of nonscripted public interaction. When you go to his fake Question Time–town hall meetings you don't actually get to ask the mayor your own question. He selects what he wants to hear."