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The Learning to Love You More project exposes creative forces across the globe

You are not 'fat.'"

This and other conversations produce some of the most poignant and painful and pleasurable moments — such as Assignment 52's "phone call you wish you could have," which produces two siblings catching up across the mortal coil barrier and a mutual coming-out and profession of love between friends, punctuated by phrases that progress from "Hey, wuddup fool?" to "Fine! I'm gay!" to "I love you too much to hate you." The insubstantial nature of the person on the other end of the line is affecting, whether they're beyond the grave or simply unlikely to answer.

As was Fletcher and July's hope, their project offers the humbling, heart-expanding experience of recognizing that the globe is dotted with original and inventive humans, busy thinking and suffering and wondering about love — and making work that turns the world into a more recognizable and yet more startling place when it's seen. *


By Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July

Prestel Publishing

160 pages, $19.95 paper

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