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Which reminds me that I never linked to the articles about how female ducks have begun evolving baroquely twisty and turny oviducts to confound the males (properly drakes, I guess) who have been evolving complexly twisted, outrageously outsize phalli that look like they might have been designed by Antoni Gaudí.

From World Science Net (

"[Study lead author Patricia] Brennan hypothesizes that the female waterfowl have evolved these anatomical features to block male attempts at reproductive control. 'Despite the fact that most waterfowl form monogamous pairs, forced copulations by other males ... are common,' said [coathor Richard] Prum. 'In response to male attempts to force their paternity on females, female waterfowl may be able to assert their own behavioral and anatomical means of controlling who fathers their offspring.'"

I mean, how cool is that? I wish I'd known about it back when I was doing feminist street theater, because how great would those costumes have been?

Um, what? We weren't talking about duck rape but about used-semen drippage? Ugh. No wonder I was so eager to veer off topic. As quickly as possible. No, please don't "clean it out." Yes, it drips. No, nothing bad happens, and nobody's the wiser — unless you rush straight from bed to nude yoga class, so I advise against that.



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