Can jazz save the Fillmore?

Restoring a musical legacy in the wake of redevelopment
Jazz-era Fillmore
regular Frank Jackson
Photo by
Brandon Joseph Baker

Yoshi's unveils the live-music centerpiece in the once-hopping African American nightlife district that's been devastated by redevelopment. Our critics talk to the venue about the challenges of opening a new jazz club in San Francisco and look at the jazz-era history of the Fillmore and the legacy of redevelopment.

>>Pick up the beat
Yoshi's arrival in San Francisco raises questions about whether jazz can revive the Fillmore
By Marcus Crowder

>>The Fillmore mess around
Players recall the once sizzling, oft-forgotten Western Addition jazz era
By Lee Hildebrand

>>Redevelopment blues
Devastation, hope, and history in the Fillmore
By Kimberly Chun

>>Leona King's Blue Mirror Club
Classic photos of Fillmore jazz's golden era from 1953