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Pushing buttons with G.G. Allin and Negativland

These are some of the most involved, detail-oriented music videos I've ever seen, which may sound like faint praise given the laziness that's typical of the medium, but stay with me here.

Drawing on music from throughout their career, Negativland go after such familiar targets as firearms (the found-footage extravaganza of "Guns"), advertising ("Truth in Advertising" and perhaps one too many videos from the Dispepsi CD), and religion ("Christianity Is Stupid," in which a series of Hollywood Pontius Pilates are seen driving nails into Jesus' hands in sync with the song's thumping industrial beat).

That said, some of the best moments are much less pointed, including the eerie "Time Zones" — an oddly entertaining bit about the number of time zones in the Soviet Union — and the short and surreal "Over the Hiccups," a bunnies-in-outer-space Claymation piece that is black comedy at its most brutal.

Yes, Negativland are as relentless — and self-referential — as ever on this DVD, and if you watch it for long enough, you're bound to get annoyed at something. But when has that not been the case with this group? Even so, Our Favorite Things is one of the best things they've done in any format, with moments that are as jaw-dropping in their way as anything on the grisly Hated

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