Praise the lard - Page 2

Sprinkle of water. Speck of cinnamon ...

My grandma-grandma couldn't care less, being dead, but I come from a tradition of honey hating, apparently, and not even bacon is going to change that.

As for applesauce ...

If there is in fact a root of all evil, I would like to find out what exactly it is and learn to cultivate and cook with it, like carrots, potatoes, beets.

If there is a root of all good, it's bacon fat. I cooked the apples in it, slow and long, over the wood stove. Sprinkle of water. Speck of cinnamon. When finally I had what seemed like applesauce, I crumbled the bacon back into it, and now, praise the lard, guess who just loves applesauce?

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