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Questions raised over whether 21-year-old with criminal history played role in Chauncey Bailey killing

If he does, he can implicate Mackey and Yusef Bey and couple of others."

Bey, who is jailed for unrelated offenses, has denied any involvement in the slaying.
In addition to the revelations about the van, a review of police investigative documents by the Chauncey Bailey Project shows:

* In a taped jailhouse telephone conversation with a man identified only as "unc," the man asked Broussard "what they do with Mackey?" "Mackey got out," Broussard replied, an apparent reference to police possibly detaining Mackey and releasing him.

* Broussard told police he smoked a cigar laced with cocaine "when we were driving over there" to the corner where Bailey was ambushed. According to the transcript of the recorded portion of the interview, the homicide detective interviewing him, Sgt. Derwin Longmire, didn't ask Broussard who he meant by "we."

* Under questioning by Longmire, Broussard said he, Mackey and Bey IV drove past Bailey's apartment near Lake Merritt the night before the slaying.

* Bey IV told police Mackey and Broussard drove with him to the scene of Bailey's shooting shortly after it happened, and then went to Lake Merritt, where Bey IV claimed Broussard confessed to him he was the gunman.

* In interviews with detectives, Bey IV identified Mackey as a member of his security team.
Contacted Tuesday night, Mackey said he had nothing to do with Bailey's shooting.

"I don't know anything about that. I'd never even consider talking about anything like that," he said, adding he knew Broussard, whom he described as "the dude from the Muslim bakery."

Oakland Tribune
staff writer Josh Richman and reporter Kenneth Kim of New America Media contributed to this report.

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