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Farewell, Perk Presidio -- the bane of local beaneries is moving in.

That dubious honor goes to the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, which since October 2004 has housed a Starbucks as a subtenant of Kimpton Resorts in its Hazlett Warehouse, according to Shelley Niedernhofer, chief of administration and business services for the park.

However, National Park Service concessions program specialist manager Jo Pendry confirms that these Starbucks are the first examples of formula retail throughout the 391-site national park system.

Kim Winston, Starbucks manager of civic and community affairs for the western region, claimed that revenues from the Starbucks help fund National Parks Service operations, but Niedernhofer said of the Maritime Park, "We don't receive any revenue directly from Starbucks." The Presidio arrangement will be similar.

But Preston isn't mollified. He said, "To have a Starbucks go into the Presidio with no real public review right after a Starbucks is nearly unanimously blocked [by a Board of Supervisors' vote] in the Inner Richmond does seem like a real contrast. The fact that there's absolutely no public process for putting a Starbucks in such a visible spot is really a problem." *

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