Green City: The baby question - Page 3

Is childbirth bad for the Earth?

But as Richard Heinberg writes in Peak Everything (New Society, 2007), "People will not willingly accept the new message of 'less, slower, and smaller,' unless they have new goals toward which to aspire."

Cutting carbon emissions is a serious goal, and it looks like leadership is going to have to come from within. The Bali talks have produced no binding agreement except ... more talks.

Our elected representatives have finally raised US fuel-economy standards for the first time since 1975, to the slightly less shameful level of 35 miles per gallon by 2020. Environmentalism is peaking as a popular movement, but the credo to consume less has been divorced from its consciousness.

"Green" products are now the fastest-growing consumer market. In fact, this holiday season you can buy a pair of chic Little Levi's for your kid. They're just $148 at Barney's, and "a portion of proceeds" will go to the Trust for Public Land. How much? Who knows? The company isn't saying. Just shut up and shop and don't worry about it — they're organic. *

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