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Nobody (at least nobody you want to know) feels all that overwhelming confident where it counts, not all the time, and if you could use the boost, so could they.

(8) Do the sex (or just sexy) date thing, but for God's sake, don't take it too seriously. I'm not talking meeting your partner at the door wrapped in festive holiday plastic wrap, but setting aside the time for reals instead of just saying you will all the time. And tell your partner it's sexy night. There's nothing worse than having your partner miss the point and brush past you on the way back in from your romantic dinner to find out what's in TiVo. Give them a chance not to feel like it too. Just because it's your sexy night doesn't mean it's theirs.

The big metaimprovers, in digest format:

(9) Know what you want.

(10) Share the information (not necessarily applicable to masturbation).

Have fun.



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