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We can keep our fingers (and, unfortunately, our legs) crossed, though.

While we're crossing, here's more good news for women who, like me, did their dancing to '80s music while the '80s were still happening and might be wondering where their smooth skin, bouncing curls, and vaginal lubrication went: gone with the estrogen, of course. You could get whiplash keeping up with the latest on hormone-replacement therapy for menopause — it'll give you cancer; no, it'll protect you from heart attacks; no, it'll give you heart attacks but protect you from cancer — but (also from Medscape, at

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) has released a statement on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and cardiovascular risk, emphasizing that HRT does not appear harmful in younger women in early menopause and may indeed be beneficial in this group.

Younger for these purposes means under 60 (phew!) or less than 10 years after menopause. HRT isn't going to be for everyone, and these are the same numbers (the Nurses' Health Study) that have been crunched and crunched again while women get the above-mentioned sore necks (and sometimes much, much worse) in attempting to keep up with the latest, but right now this seems good. I've tried to look forward to my cronehood as a time of wisdom and serenity, but ... bleah. Just whisper the words vaginal atrophy to any woman past 35 and you'll see how eager most of us are to give up our estrogen. Given the choice, I'd rather pee my pants.



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