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I do find it slightly heartening that you are experiencing a bit of pleasure now, since I'd have to agree that it would be difficult to get motivated in the complete absence of anything more exciting than "neutral" sensation.

It's neither fair nor just but is common for women to be out of touch with their sexual-response cycles in a way that simply doesn't occur very often in males. I hesitate — nay, refuse! — to get into any historical-political reasons why this might be so. (It's not that they're not interesting, but they are unfruitful and dreadfully distracting, which is exactly what we don't need when we're already having trouble concentrating.) I'm afraid you too will have to buy media products and a vibrator that tickles at least your fancy, put the boyfriend on hold, and get practicing. I wish I could wave a magic wand for you, but I think the motor in mine is burning out. They don't last forever.



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