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A lone spoiler may bring down the venerable concert spot. Plus: Howlin' Rain make their move

It's going to cost Slim's a lot of money and cost their managers a lot of sleepless nights, who want to go on and have a life. And they won't be able to if they are found criminally liable for this. Imagine, you're just doing your job ..."

And hey, that's another reason why so many of us come to this cow town in the first place: to work and to cozy up closer to that golden cow pumping pomegranatinis, the raucous crafters of musical ambrosia, et al. Fess up: you didn't move to SF to feel good about driving a Prius or down Starbucks. What you can't find regularly in Concord or Corte Madera — and what so many of us continue to crave — is that non-government-regulated minimum requirement of fun: loud, smelly, still safe, inconvenient, sprinkled with homeless parking valets, and still unlike anything you'll get in the sticks.

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Howlin Rain and Comets on Fire's Ethan Miller has plenty of news about: HR's superfine new LP, Magnificent Fiend, will be released March 4 on SF's Birdman label and HR's new imprint, Columbia Records cohoncho Rick Rubin's American Recordings. Why jump? Miller told me he was enticed by larger studio budgets and the opportunity to be produced by Rubin, whom the frontman praised as someone who "seems to chip away at all those extraneous things and just draw out the essential fluids onto the tape.

"Those are the reasons," Miller said. "This is not the type of record deal where you get a million-dollar check and drive away in a Rolls-Royce, and you're, like, 'Fuck, cool, man, they bought me a Corvette, and now everyone can just go get wasted on coke and it doesn't matter now, man!' And then, whoa, a year later you're kicked off the label, and you're, like, 'Fuck, I blew my $2 million advance now. This sucks! Now I'm a fucking nobody!' That's not this."


With Black Mountain

Mon/4, 8 p.m., $14


628 Divisadero, SF

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