The Guardian guide to sex, love, and romance
Illustration by Phil D'Andrade

We've got the official word: the G-spot does exist. At least insofar as we're talking about the Guardian's guide to sex, love, and romance. Turn the page for revelations from a newly knighted expert on women, scheduling tips from people who manage to please several partners at once, news from the world of gay porn, and plenty of advice about how and where to celebrate the National Day of Making Singles Feel Bad. Plus, we've got the results of our Sex Poll! It's information that's sweet, sexy, and, unlike the mysterious G-spot, doesn't require a diagram to find. You're welcome! And happy Valentine's Day.
Love and lust,
Molly Freedenberg

>>Getting girls
What a supposed sex cult can teach you about women -- and yourself
By Justin Juul

>>U R mine... and so are U
How the polyamorous celebrate Valentine's Day
By Erikka Innes

>>Everyone's a wiener
The GayVN Awards wrap the best gay dick in an envelope of surprise
By Marke B

>>Waiter, I'll take the (status) check!
Valentine's Day dinner ideas in sync with your situation
By Ailene Sankur

>>Don't fear the jeweler
A Valentine's Day shopping guide
By Candice Chan

>>Valentine's Day events
Prom, poetry, and porn

>>Wine + chocolate = love
Valentine's Day pairings
By Molly Freedenberg

>>Nookie by the numbers
The results of our 2008 Sex Poll

>>Take our Sex Poll, please!