Political football season - Page 3

Battles between the mayor and the supervisors are starting early

"The MTA ridership and residents need to have a way to voice their concerns."

McGoldrick said the mayor's early removal of MTA members and his raid on MTA funds are troubling.

"Their removal reinforces what's going on, how the MTA is viewed as a milking machine for the Mayor's Office," McGoldrick said, noting that he asked for a budget analyst's report on the MTA several weeks ago to keep the discussion objective and that he also asked for an accounting of the 1,600 to 1,700 jobs that Newsom declared frozen last fall. That report should be available at any time.

"I wanted to see which jobs were frozen and which were defrosted," McGoldrick said, "but I didn't want it to become a political football."

However, with battles between the board and the mayor likely to get even intenser during the coming budget and election seasons, it's starting to look like 2008 could be one long political football season.