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Dear Andrea:

Recently I shared a hotel room with a buddy on a trip and we masturbated together (for the first time). His cock was bigger than mine, and he had an incredibly big come shot. I am not attracted to men — we are both married — but I was very aroused by seeing this. After the awkward silence, I commented on the volume of his load, which led to a conversation about how he gets no sex and never receives a blow job because his wife is grossed out by come. After an hour-long discussion on the pros and cons of cocksucking, we exchanged oral sex (it was the first time for this too). This was about two weeks ago. So finally, here are my questions: Is this unusual among hetero men? My justifications for my actions are that it's safe sex and just a mutual favor between buddies, not cheating per se. Am I delusional? Can someone else taste come in one's mouth after oral sex? It seemed like I could taste it for a long time afterward, even once I rinsed.



Dear Bud:

Yeah, OK, I'm going to answer this out of nostalgia — it's been some years since I was free to give sex info over the phone at San Francisco Sex Information (www.sfsi.org), but when I did, it was during the first shift on Mondays, and I got tons of calls from you guys, the "I had completely unexpected homo sex over the weekend" people. I have to say, though, that I don't believe this happened to you any more than I believed it happened to most of those other dudes. The big tip-off? It wasn't the blow job; it was the use of the word buddy. Who says that? I IM'd my own best buddy this question: "Under what circs could you imagine yourself referring to a male friend as a 'buddy'?" And after he recovered from the shock, he offered, "If we were in a bowling league together?" which made me laugh, but you know, I still don't buy it. Guys you have beers with are friends or guys you have beers with. Buddies are people you trade imaginary blow jobs with in hotel rooms that the two of you are mysteriously sharing in the unexplained absence of your wives. OK, then!

So, just for the sake of the good old days (mine, not yours), let me answer your questions.

Yes, it's pretty unusual. The experimental hand job among teenage boys may be common, but straight married guys do not customarily go down on each other just as soon as they're done raiding the minibar. It doesn't happen. I'm not judging, mind you. I could not care less about random blow jobs among buddies. Harking back to the San Francisco Sex Information model, though: we were trained to normalize things by placing them on a continuum. Rather than saying "People don't do that," or "Everyone feels that way," we use the words some, many, most. For instance, we say things like "Most people have fantasies, many people have homosexual fantasies, some people act on them in hotel rooms they are mysteriously sharing with a 'buddy.'<0x2009>" Most guys don't! And — keeping in mind that I don't care about the gay angle or the blow job itself — I do disagree that it isn't cheating. Ask your wives if it's OK with them and you'll see what I mean. On second thought, don't.

It's funny, just as I was sitting down to pull this column together a friend (specifically, one of the friends my husband regularly has a beer with and never, ever refers to as a buddy) called to tell me there was a show on advice giving on the radio, featuring the "Radical Honesty" guy (www.radicalhonesty.com), Brad Blanton.

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