Electro-cumbionics at Zizek, flying fur at Beast, and more breathless nightlife hits
The Frikstailers throw down
at Zizek

SUPER EGO Sorry to sound so breathless this time around, nightlifers, but I've got a couple of hot caballeros waiting on me in a beat-up Camry outside, and, you know — meter's running. I swear I'll sprinkle some cybernetic glitters on your Facebook if I get back — poke me — or scam us up some apologetic kumquat caipirissimas from the Americano. If you're lucky, I may even stop spewing hot chunks of drama long enough to let you get a word in edgewise. Reach for rainbow dreamz!

Better yet, let's just rendezvous at the following interesting parties and laugh at one another's shoes. Yours have feathers, and they're glowing. Mine are Payless Elite.

Party Animals Oh, the zoomanity. I vowed on my personal assistant's fake lesbian wedding ring that I'd stop writing so much about queer clubs. But the gay are always so creative! It's like a virus. Plus, this party, like all great parties, transcends that whole gay-straight divide — it's more about letting feathers fly than finding out what's beneath the fur.

Beast, a freaky one-off at the Transfer, is a zoological affair, with attendees urged to show off their inner varmints in flamboyant critter costumery. Host Mica Phelan, the alluring creature behind local fashion powerhouse Horseface, has put out a call to all unicorns, tigers, ponies, sloths, rats, etc. — we're way beyond bears and otters in the alter-ego animal spectrum, folks — to shake some tail and prance about in honor of leap year. Hop to it! The Ice Cream Socialites, a superhot live queer hip-hop duo straight outta North Beach, drops some feral science. DJ Rapid Fire, from one of my favorite new Monday weeklies, Sucker Punch (also at the Transfer), joins DJ Rchrd Oh?! to spin some hard electro and hip-hop. Le Dinosaur of roving club craziness Gemini Disco gets the go-go going. And the hardest working lady in nightlife, Miss Juanita More, performs — maybe even with a chicken on her head.

Sweat to give Don't you love it when parties are also benefits? It's like you're drinking yourself into a blackout for a cause, rather than because of your secret insecurities. You're giving back.

That's the case at the swank Levende Lounge for Reflections, a party benefiting NextAid, an organization that helps children orphaned by AIDS. Reflections is actually the name of the most horrifying Midwestern gay bar you or I can imagine. But making up for that brief patch of queasiness, the party includes a gaggle of pleasantly edgy DJs I love, like Seven from NK7, Amber from Sister, Forward's Adnan Sharif, and housey-techno hero Fil Latorre from Staple. The delightful Marissa Guzman of SoulStar and Juicy Lucy provides some soothing live vocals, and according to the press release, AphrodesiaMP3 is presenting something called Brendon, but I don't know what the hell that is. Brendon! Grab your beaded clutch, and give, give, give.

Argentronix For years I labored under the mistaken assumption that boys from Buenos Aires were kind of icky: too many ponytails, pointy snakeskin boots, splashes of cheap cologne, and awkward dancing to horrible sped-up Europop. Then the Argentine economy collapsed, and the veil was somehow lifted from my jaded, yet perfectly outlined, eyes. Buenos Aires boys are delicioso. And just as lovely, they're putting on some of the best parties on earth.

Case in point: Zizek, a Buenos Airean weekly that's often been compared to Hollertronix, the mega-influential Philadelphia joint put on by DJs Diplo and Low Budget that broke the whole "global hip-hop meets techno meets rock mashup" thing. Needless to say, MIA is a fan. Zizek's focus is on electrocumbia and zapped-up dancehall with a trippy glimmer of metal and ragga riffs — and now the party's on tour, pairing up with local neo-cumbionics party Tormenta Tropical to drench Mezzanine in South American underground vibes.

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