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You did. Davidson's insistence that people who don't want to have sex must be in some way damaged reminds me, irritatingly, of another well-known sex therapist I heard claiming that Viagra and friends cause as much damage to a relationship as they repair, and that if you really want to overcome erectile dysfunction you have to see a therapist. But Davidson is meaner.

So, yes, your friend is probably telling the truth, and yes, there is such a community of "out" asexuals, albeit largely online (but there's no shame in that — all hail the Internet's awesome community-building powers!). The one thing you're wrong about is the supposition that such people eschew intimacy of any sort. There are folks like that, of course, but we'd do better to call them "hermits." Asexuals have intense friendships and even romantic relationships. They identify, in many cases, as straight or gay, although it's hard not to imagine an asexual lesbian, for instance, as someone who's particularly interested in not having sex with women. You could get a little woozy thinking that way.

I do have to admit wondering whether asexuals like David Jay could be having as much "fun" as they routinely claim to have. "We're having too much fun to have sex!" How much fun does anyone have, really, who isn't, say, a professional skateboarder or a four-year-old? Who has the time?



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