A tisket, a tasket

It's springtime in your basket

It's Spring Break! No, not for students. They had theirs last month. This one's for all of us: that blissful time between winter's chill and early summer's gloom when the sun shines its light (and sometimes even warmth) on our fair city. Which means bike rides without GoreTex, dresses without tights, torsos without shirts, and, best of all, picnics in the park.

In honor of this glorious season of backyard barbecues and patio parties, we've dedicated this FEAST to all kinds of sunny delights. We've got places to take a May Day date, bars where you can sip a tequila sunset while actually watching one, and a guide to the perfect places for carry-along cuisines.

But don't forget we're still the city of near-perpetual autumn. So we've added a couple places where you can turn up the culinary heat on those chilly nights when the fog's rolling in — not to mention quite a few places to wet your whistle in the style of that bastion of cold weather cuisine: Manhattan.

Time to get yourself some new shades, pull your sandals out of storage, and get your ass outside, before academic calendars and weather patterns have us all going "back to school" shopping and supping.

Bon appetit, and don't forget the sunscreen,

Molly Freedenberg

Feast Spring 2008 editor