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No drugs fueled the Kills' latest Midnight Boom, but the hangover lingers. Plus: Blow by Blowfly, Sky Saxon and the Seeds, and Clinic
Kills photo by Kimberly Chun

After more than half a year and a getaway to Mexico, they came up with a clutch of songs they were satisfied with.

The scathing "Cheap and Cheerful" revolves around "just being honest with yourself and honest with other people despite hurting other people's feelings and sometimes making a real big mess of things," Mosshart offers. "But not quite burying your emotions for the good of everybody all the time. Otherwise you'll completely explode."

Most of the tunes were the pure product of collaboration. UK native Hince, whom the American-born Mosshart met in 2000, is "my best friend," she says. "He's kind of like the most perfect creative partner I've ever had. There are no rules in this band. It's not even a band — it's this thing, whatever we do."

It's something even tabloid attention — now that Hince has been linked to Kate Moss — can't tear apart. "It's a different world, isn't it?" Mosshart says, sounding subdued. "It's not my world, and it isn't really Jamie's world so ... it's nothing I, like, care too much about. I care about him being happy. That's about it."

Supermodels or no, the Kills will continue to stoke the flames of that chemistry. How do they work themselves into that state? "We just get nervous, y'know," Mosshart says modestly. "There are so many ideas and so few of us. When I'm onstage, I'm, in a way, daydreaming and trying not to think about anything that's really happening around me. Other than Jamie and not falling over."


Sat/17, 9 p.m., $16


333 11th St., SF



OMG, the OG of dirty way before ODB. Anyone with the chutzpah to turn "What a Diff'rence a Day Makes" into "What a Difference a Lay Makes" can come play by me. Sat/17, 10 p.m., $12. Bottom of the Hill, 1233 17th St., SF.


Marin County garage-rock legend/lurker Sky (a.k.a. Sunlight, a.k.a. Dog) Saxon at the legendary punk palais? Don't push too hard. With Powell St. John and the Aliens, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, and Saything. Sun/18, 5 p.m., $8. 924 Gilman Project, 924 Gilman, Berk.


Surgical scrubs on wry. The sly Liverpool quartet continue to keep "funk, celebration, and soft metal" alive with Do It! (Domino) — unbeknownst to Nike. Mon/19, 9 p.m., $17. Independent, 628 Divisadero, SF.

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