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Harmony Korine's Mister Lonely moonwalks between surreal and melancholy

A group of nuns — overseen by a bossy priest (Werner Herzog, who also starred in Julien Donkey-Boy) — are shocked to discover they can skydive without parachutes. It's a bizarre conceit that allows Mister Lonely its most glorious images: nuns joyfully clasping hands in the air while plummeting safely to the ground. Yo, Harmony, what's that got to do with Jacko?

"I always want to write a novel with pages missing in the right places," Korine said. "I think it's best to leave some things undefined, to not complete the circle. To me, it was the same movie. They are the same story. The narratives were parallel to each other. They spoke to each other. They both had this idea of faith of and transcendence, wanting to be other than who you are, being outside the system and creating your own language. I knew there would be a certain kind of person who doesn't want to try to make that connection, and that's fine — but there are so many movies being made where you're told what to think every step of the way. It's not that important for me."

What is important to Korine is something that goes beyond the usual filmmaking process. Don't look for him to pull a David Gordon Green, for example, and direct a mainstream stoner comedy.

"What I like is making things. I like to film things and put them together, whether they're like movies or features or essays or clips. Movies are what I love, but in some ways there's too much focus on everything being features. Sometimes it's nice to see things that are just moments. Sometimes, in 30 seconds, I can feel more than I do in 30 hours," he explained. "I always felt like, in movies, they waste so much time getting to the good part, and resolving after the good part. I was just like, why can't you make movies that consist only of good parts?" *

MISTER LONELY opens Fri/23 in Bay Area theaters.

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