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I have to admit I have nothing particularly pithy to say about legal gay marriage. I'm for it. I'm a lot more for it than some of my gayest friends are, as a matter of fact: they're in the "Why should we beg you to let us pretend to be just like you?" camp, while I'm over here in the "It's not fair that I should get to claim a certain kind of legitimacy for my relationship that you don't get for yours" camp. They pat me on the head. Me, I'm just dorky enough to be all rejoice-y about this, and hope that my Midwestern friend's "spousal unit" gets to make an honest woman of her after, oh, 15 years and two kids. And how can any event that occasions this headline — "Star Trek's George Takei to Marry Longtime Partner" — fail to produce a "Woo!" and a "Hoo!"?



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