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Labor's Lennar deal isn't good enough

The level of what Lennar calls affordable housing is now higher than 30 percent — but when you actually look at those numbers, only about half of the 30 percent is truly affordable to the neighborhood residents who face being forced out of town. There's also a new job training program and a mandate that new businesses allow their staff to unionize through a simple card-check process (although the city would almost certainly mandate that anyway).

But the bottom line is that the deal labor cut doesn't meet what ought to be the standard for all new housing in San Francisco. Even after all the concessions, roughly 70 percent of the new units will be available only to rich people. That's not acceptable in a city that is rapidly losing its artists, writers, musicians, immigrants, students ... just about everyone who makes San Francisco such an exciting place to live is now an endangered species. And labor's deal fundamentally does nothing to change that.

Vote yes on F and no on G. And if Lennar won't build enough affordable housing, let's scrap this deal and find someone who will. *