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Leno victory and other ballot results shift San Francisco's political landscape

"Speaking the language and being an immigrant really connects with them."

Campos thinks public safety will be a big issue on voters' minds this fall, an issue where he has strength and one that progressives have finally seized. "Until Ross Mirkarimi came along, progressives really weren't talking about it," Campos said.

So, does Campos' strong DCCC showing make him the front runner? When I asked that question during the SPUR event, Latterman said he didn't think so. He noted that Sanchez has always had strong finishes on his school board races, citywide contests that includes the Portola area in District 9 but not in DCCC District 13. In fact, Latterman predicted lots of acrimony and close contests this November.

"If you like the anger of Leno vs. Migden, we'll have more in the fall," Latterman said of the competitive supervisorial races.

Leno hasn't been terribly active in local contests since heading to Sacramento, and he told us that his focus this fall will be on state ballot fights and the presidential race. He hasn't made endorsements in many supervisorial races yet, but his two so far are both of progressives: Ross Mirkarimi in District 5, and David Chiu in District 3. And as he makes more supervisorial endorsements in the coming months, Leno told us, "I will be fighting for progressive voices."

Sarah Phelan contributed to this story.