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Women are casualties as St. Anthony shuts Marian Residence

Women are more prone to couch-surf, stay in abusive relationships, or settle for some other kind of compromised situation.

Murase's group now funds a special women-only program at Glide Memorial Church, whose director, Willa Seldon, said, "We're certainly seeing an increase in volume of women in the city to our programs. In October, we were seeing 11 in our support groups. That increased to 18 by March. It could definitely be related to Buster's Place closing."

Hardin acknowledged the need for women's shelters but said the city ought to take on the burden. "Maybe closing the Marian is a tipping point," he said. "As I said in front of the Board of Supervisors, it's the government's responsibility to provide the safety net. We're the hands beneath the safety net."

Sandy Van Dusen has been living in the transitional program for a year and a half since her husband was murdered. She's been told that she is about to get a studio apartment. She's visibly excited about the move, and grateful to the foundation. But, she says, she's still been crying every day since she heard Marian is closing. "They saved my life," she says, crying a little now. "They're doing what they told me to never do — throw in the towel."