The Hot Pink List 2008

The Queer Issue: A lovely mess of queer up-and-comers we adore


Yes, they're gay brothers, which is, like, totally hot. But even if they weren't related, their individual artistic creations would have us on the hook. Heads of HomoChic (, the new gay mafia collective that combines gallery shows, fashion design, and nightlife craziness into mind boggling events, they're inspiring the latest generation to revel in its scandalous past. Leo's photography mixes porn with historical reference to dizzying, stimuutf8g effect. Allan's costuming and styling brings bathhouse and backroom gay culture to light. Currently the Chihuahua, Mexico-born siblings have pieces in the queer Latino "Maria" show at Galería De La Raza. Leo features pants-raising boy-pics and a video installation centered on Harvey Milk. Allan, whose Money Shots underwear line graces many an alternaqueer's backside, displays a chandelier made of 2,000 pink condoms.


Through July 4

Galería De La Raza

2857 24th St., SF

(415) 827-8009


Who's the superbusy M-to-F artist and activist stirring up trouble with the mighty force of a Dirt Devil — the one they call Annie Danger? She's sketched flora and fauna for environmental manifesto Dam Nation (Soft Skull Press, 2007), appeared as a blackjack-playing nymph in a shit-stirring Greywater Guerillas performance, dressed like a wizard at a recent Gender Pirates party, and just played Pony Boy in a queered-up "Outsiders." Right now at Femina Potens gallery (, you can see her as Sister Wendy, the wimpled PBS art nun, in her video for "Untold Stories: Visual and Performative Expressions of Transwomen." In a rare occurrence, you can meet Annie Danger as herself at the National Queer Arts Festival's edgy "TransForming Community" spoken word event. Who she'll be when she MCs Friday's thrilling Trans March ( is anyone's delightful guess.


Thurs/26, 7:30 p.m., $8–$15

LGBT Community Center

1800 Market, SF

(415) 865-5555


"I worry not just for fashion, but for the future of television," this multitalented fashion designer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, model, and Oakland native told us with a laugh backstage at the Vans Warped Tour, where he was frantically preparing bands for the stage. "There's a cheesy aspect creeping in right now because of fashion reality TV that scares me. It looks too easy, and creates too many followers. Wise people want one-of-a-kind, personalized looks. That's why I love San Francisco," he adds. "It's small but big — global even — and it likes to take risks." Dexter's company, FLOC (www.teamflocouture), formed with his best amigo Lauren Rassel, has been taking local runways and nightclubs by fierce, feathery storm since it was formed two years ago, and local rockers like Von Iva and Svelt Street swear by FLOC's Warriors-inspired designs. Now working as a stylist for SF-based online retail giant, Dexter seems destined for the big time — his designs are penetrating the world and making heads turn a wee bit sharper.


She's too-too much, this Miss Starr.

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