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In order to get beyond the dreary status quo (although I do have to put a good word in for the parents-of-small-children quickie while I'm here), you'll need to plan. You'll also need to throw some childcare money at the problem (what my husband and I refer to, just to annoy people, as "paying young women for sex"). This is all stressful and expensive enough already, so no way will you want to pay for babysitters for his nights out without you. Save your cash for kinky-sex dates.

Obviously, all this depends on him not being so crazy, sex- or otherwise, and that "some but not all" actually is an option. I'm hoping that after a few years of deprivation and with the added motivation of keeping a beloved family intact, he can embrace moderation. Tell him it's like the French model of eating, you know? A little + a little + a little = plenty.



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