Real money, false arrest - Page 4

Why is the City Attorney's Office aggressively trying to overturn a good police accountability ruling?
Rodel Rodis
Photo by Ben Hopfer

While the Supreme Court accepts only a fraction of the thousands of cases it receives annually, Wiener believes there's a chance it will be accepted because of another such case it's examining from the Tenth Circuit. The city won't know for sure until the fall.

He adds that it's extraordinarily dangerous for police to be forced to consider a citizen's status as an elected official before concluding that probable cause exists for an arrest. The City Attorney's Office won't disclose how much has been spent on the case until it's resolved, but Rodis estimates he's spent more than $50,000.
The US dollar may be losing value internationally, but a $100 bill from the 1980s could cost San Francisco big bucks.

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