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The "luxury toys" section is especially fun — even if you don't want to spend $119, isn't "The Cone" fascinating? It's just a pink silicone, well, cone with a 16-function motor, and I suspect it may exude "come to me" pheromones like the similar-looking pink jelly monsters in erotic science fiction are wont to do. (They then enslave you and breed in you and you die, but that's another story.) It even has an "orgasm button" (isn't the whole thing an orgasm button?) for the impatient.

Then there's the Eroscillator, which I love because it sounds and looks like something a bearded, dispassionate 19th-century physician might have used to solicit nervous paroxysm from hysterical housewives.

It also carries less rarified and less expensive options, of course, all of which are rather remarkable examples of modern and mostly Japanese engineering. And I can pretty well promise there was nothing your boyfriend could do with his hands that these can't do with their ... parts. Admittedly, however, they don't love you. Is that part of the equation necessary, do you think?



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