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I know you've rolled your eyes in the past at overzealous combinations of birth control, but it does seem like with the potential for error in condom usage and the possibility of mishaps or undetected flaws, a not-so-invasive backup is a great idea — as long as it doesn't come with the side effect of excruciating discomfort.


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Dear Here:

Oh dear. I hope she's your primary care doc. I'd expect a gyno to know better. Nonoxynol-9 can indeed upset your delicate lady-balance but, even worse, can make you more vulnerable to STDs. I'd avoid it like — well, if not the plague, at least a bad yeast infection. And yes, I've rolled my eyes at some overcautious method-doublers, but usually for imagining that their brand-new sex lives with their equally recently devirginated childhood sweethearts require multiple methods of STD protection. For you, I'll forswear the eye-rolling and suggest sticking with the condoms, following the directions, changing them mid-act if you're going to be more vigorous or persistent than usual, and pre-locating a source for emergency contraception so you'll have it in the somewhat unlikely but not impossible event of condom breakage. I feel about spermicide the way the first writer felt about the pill: hate hate hate hatedy hate.



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