PG&E's first big lies - Page 2

It's not too early to start evaluating the campaign rhetoric and exposing the most ridiculous untruths

PG&E has some of the highest rates in the nation. Public power is always cheaper.

<\!s>The city will lose $20 million in tax revenue. Yes, if the city were to take over PG&E's distribution system, the city would no longer collect the tiny pittance it currently gets as a franchise fee. The fee is the lowest in the state and among the lowest in the nation (and is set in perpetuity). The revenue from a public power system would more than make up for that loss.

PG&E is terrified by this proposal, so nervous that it started a massive campaign months before the election. There will be more lies coming, most of them attempts to scare the voters into thinking that the Clean Energy Act is expensive and risky. We'll debunk them as they come along. In the meantime, the supervisors ought to hold hearings on these issues, particularly the cost issue, and ask the Board of Equalization's experts to come and testify — so that PG&E's lies can be exposed to the broadest possible audience.

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