Black exodus emergency - Page 2

A task force's plan to stop African American depopulation finally gets a hearing
A recent Bayview protest
Photo by Charles Russo

"Let me know next time there's a NAACP meeting, and I'll be there," Daly replied.

Calling the city's black depopulation an emergency, the Nation of Islam Minister Christopher Muhammad urged the Board to take the issue out of Mayor Gavin Newsom's hands.

"It's time to begin to change the culture of redevelopment," said Muhammad, who wants to establish endangered community zones in BVHP and the Western Addition.

"It's revolutionary, but doable," said Muhammad, who characterized the city's Redevelopment Agency as a "cheap grant-hustling operation" after the agency admitted that it cooked a state grant application this May by claiming it needed $25 million so it wouldn't have to mothball a project the city and Lennar are developing at Hunters Point Shipyard.

Blackwell defended the mayor.

"This is not a set of recommendations that have been sitting on the shelf," said Blackwell, claiming that Newsom is working to implement a violence prevention plan and rebuild public housing.

Blackwell also recommended expanding the agency's certificate of preference program citywide, an idea that Sup. Ross Mirkarimi has already placed before the Board.