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You'd need to order something like a "Sani-sling," too, if you think the problem through, and that will set you back another $400 or $500.

Forget that. You're going to do better in the sex world than in the medical world. The sites may be sleazy and the devices may not be something you'd want either your parents or your kids to see, but the medical versions would require just as much explanation (since you're not actually disabled, just a little rickety), be twice as ugly, and cost twice as much. I am all for getting the best-designed, toughest gear you can afford (our kids are outfitted as much or more by REI than they are by Babies "R" Us), but there's such a thing as overkill. And anyway, buying medical supplies is kind of depressing unless you're, you know, into that. Stick with the swings and slings. They're the right tools for the job, although anything's better than hooking yourself up to the garage door. Aren't you glad you asked?



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