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If you're going to take E or anything else likely to act as an empathogen (or "entactogen") — that is, a drug that makes you think you like people who may not, in truth, be worthy of your affection — try to do it in the presence of people who've got your back, and not because they want to climb up on it and hump you like a dog.

There are organizations dedicated to disseminating information on safer drug-taking. I do the sex part, and I habitually worry about young people having sex with people they don't like, or, especially, with people who don't like them. If you're going to do it anyway, use a condom. Not only do you not have these people's e-mail addresses, you may not even like them, remember? You're not going to want to track them down later to ask about that funny-looking pimple.

And finally, if you're female and have sex with men or might have sex with men after enough empathogens, bring Plan B emergency contraception with you. This may seem extreme, but it's not like you have to use it. Condoms can break or be forgotten. Midnight's "oh, what the hell" can easily turn to "What the hell did I do?" in the harsh (in Burning Man's case, extremely harsh) light of day.



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