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The black-and-white DIY of the Farfisa-laced Love Me Nots
Photo by Susan Jordan Anderson

And, honestly, a lot of people in this type of suit world have other, non-suit interests too, and I think they feel validated, like, 'Oh, I guess it's OK to be a sort of renaissance person. You can pursue your own interests, and it's not shameful anymore.'<0x2009>"

Perhaps it's my brief stint in the dirty, amoral trenches of mind control, er ... "advertising," that immediately leads me to a tag line: "The Love Me Nots: Making It Safe for the Squares to Dance," I tell Laurenne. "That's your next T-shirt."


With the Hi-Nobles and the Laundronauts

Fri/12, 9 p.m., $8

Annie's Social Club

917 Folsom, SF


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