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Treasure Island Music Festival: A line-up of jewels to drool over
Tegan and Sara, curveballs

Sun/21 Tunnel Stage


Steady, as they go. The rock 'n' roll tricksters tried to dodge critical bullets — and blossoms — when they released Consolers of the Lonely (Warner Bros.). Whatever for, one wonders? The combo's increasingly massive sound successfully invokes the Who and Britannia's other '60s and '70s rock powerhouses, with an intentional whiff of the good times long gone. (Chun)

9:05 p.m. Sun/21, Bridge Stage


This guy makes A/V geeks look good. With Reservoir Dogs–like skinny-tie suavitude and fleet fingers on his editing gear, the SF mix-maestro mashes up songs and sights with the smarts of a pop-cultie compulsive. Can we expect more of the same Clown Alley–style burger-'n'-vino fun with Spectacle, his studio debut on his own Radio Fryer label? (Chun)

6:45 p.m. Sat/20, Tunnel Stage


Beware: Jason Spaceman is more than capable of moving an audience to tears with his live, full-tilt psych-gospel orchestrations. (Chun)

4:30 p.m. Sun/21, Bridge Stage


Twins do it better, if by better you mean attract insatiable hordes of fabulous haircuts with wistful tunes that lodge firmly in your earworm. Plus, they're Canadian — something we all may wish we were soon. Yet the fabulous Quin sisters aren't just standard keyboard-and-guitar hum-along-tos. They've got some curious curveball chops, as last year's The Con (Sire) showed. (Marke B.)

7:25 p.m. Sun/21, Bridge Stage

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