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Lit Crawl 2008: Joshua Clover wrangles popular poetry and the poetry of pop

Scritti Politti is truly great and I had the opportunity to spend some time on the phone with Green Gartside. We talked about what you'd expect — Derrida and Hegel. Although the one time I met Keanu Reeves we talked about Schopenhauer, so you'd be surprised who's smart. If I were to do one of those books, it wouldn't be about Scritti Politti —

SFBG — [Neneh Cherry's] Raw Like Sushi (Virgin, 1989)?

JC Wow, that'd be great. Since [Prince's] Sign o' the Times (Warner Bros., 1987) has already been done by Michelangelo Matos, I'd try to do Girly Sound, the non-record of demos that Liz Phair made while she was at Oberlin. It circulated as a tape in several different versions. It has some of the songs that later appeared on her first record, Exile in Guyville (Matador, 1993), and other songs that didn't. It can be reassembled. I'm interested in albums that don't quite exist, so another possibility would be ... is the Guns N' Roses album called Chinese Arithmetic?

SFBG It's Chinese Democracy.

JC Chinese Democracy. "Chinese Arithmetic" is an Eric B. and Rakim song. The Guns N' Roses CD which has been in the offing for 15 years — I think that would be a fun one to write a book about as well.


with Joshua Clover, Jessica Fisher, Troy Jollimore, and Melinda Mellis

Sat/11, 8:30–9:30 p.m.

Latin American Club

3286 22nd St., SF

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