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We wish she wasn't so willing to back more moderate candidates for local office, but we're happy to see her move up to the senate.

State Assembly, District 12


Fiona Ma has been a pleasant surprise. We didn't support her for this post two years ago, but she's become a leading advocate of high-speed rail, a foe of plans to privatize the Cow Palace, and a visible, out-front backer of the Clean Energy Act. We hope she continues to evolve into a progressive leader in Sacramento.

State Assembly, District 13


The only problem with Tom Ammiano moving up to Sacramento is that we'll miss his presence at City Hall. Ammiano's record is stellar — although he was once nearly a lone voice for progressives on the Board of Supervisors, he's become one of its most effective members, with a long list of groundbreaking legislation. Ammiano authored the city's domestic partners law. He created Healthy San Francisco, the universal health care program. He sponsored the 2001 and 2002 public power measures. He created the Children's Fund and the Rainy Day Fund, which is now saving programs in the public schools.

He's also responsible — as much as any one person ever can be — for dramatically changing the climate of San Francisco politics. Ammiano's 1999 mayoral challenge to incumbent Willie Brown brought the progressives together in ways we hadn't seen in years, and the district-elections measure Ammiano authored brought a completely new Board of Supervisors into office a year later.

We're happy to see Ammiano move on to Sacramento.

State Assembly, District 14


Nancy Skinner won the June primary for this seat, and while we supported her opponent, Kriss Worthington, we acknowledged that she would make an excellent assembly member. Skinner has plenty of experience: she was on the Berkeley City Council from 1984 to 1992 and has founded and run a nonprofit that helps cities establish sustainable environmental policies. She understands state budget issues, is a strong advocate for education, and will hit the ground running.

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