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Yes, yes, yes on 1a. No, no, no on 4 and 8 ...

And there is no provision to ensure that the body would reflect the state's racial diversity, or that it would be composed of people from different religious (or nonreligious) backgrounds. The same goes for things like gender and income levels. Also, people must apply to join the body — limiting the pool of potential commissioners even further. And state legislators would have the power to remove some applicants.

In other words, the same people the law seeks to take out of the process would still wield a great deal of influence over it. Vote no on Prop. 11.

Proposition 12

Veterans bond act


Proposition 12 would authorize the state to issue $900 million in bonds to help veterans buy farms and homes. It's true that, as opponents say, the act doesn't discriminate between rich veterans and poor veterans, and it probably should, but the vets most likely to use this — from the Gulf War and the Iraq war — have faced so many daunting problems and have received so little support from the government that sent them to war that it's hard to oppose something like this. Vote yes.

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